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Welcome to, your premier destination for Personalized Excel Coaching. In today’s fast-paced world, mastering Excel is not just about knowing the functions and formulas; it’s about applying them in ways that significantly enhance your productivity and decision-making capabilities. As a solo expert with a wealth of experience across a multitude of projects and industries, I offer one-on-one coaching that transforms your Excel skills from the ground up, tailored specifically to your personal and professional objectives.

Personalised Excel Coaching

Why Personalized Excel Coaching?

Personalized Excel Coaching goes beyond traditional training methods. It’s an immersive learning experience designed around your unique needs, learning style, and real-life projects. Here’s how personalized coaching can benefit you:

  • Tailored Learning Path: Every session is customized to focus on what you need to learn, not what a predefined curriculum dictates. This means every minute spent in coaching directly contributes to your growth and proficiency in Excel.
  • Real Projects, Real Results: Apply what you learn immediately to your work with coaching that integrates your ongoing projects. This approach not only reinforces new skills but also provides immediate value to your work.
  • Flexible and Convenient: As a single person company, I offer unmatched flexibility in scheduling and session formats. Whether through Teams, Zoom, or Skype, we can connect in a way that fits seamlessly into your busy schedule.
Personalized Excel Coaching from best qualified trainer

Our Coaching Services

At, Personalized Excel Coaching is available for all levels of expertise:

  • Foundations for Beginners: Start your Excel journey on the right foot with coaching that covers the essentials and arms you with the confidence to tackle more complex tasks.
  • Intermediate Skill Enhancement: Elevate your Excel skills with intermediate techniques, from advanced formulas to dynamic charts, tailored to streamline your data management and analysis tasks.
  • Advanced Mastery & Automation: For the Excel power users, dive deep into data modeling, automation, and advanced visualizations to unlock the full potential of Excel for sophisticated data analysis and reporting.

The Difference

With a track record of developing over 1,900 Excel projects for clients across various sectors, my Personalized Excel Coaching is grounded in practical experience and a deep understanding of Excel’s transformative power in business and personal productivity.

  • Direct Access to an Expert: Learn directly from an Excel specialist who has seen and solved a myriad of data challenges. My one-on-one coaching means you have my undivided attention and expertise at your disposal.
  • Progress at Your Pace: Without the constraints of group classes, we progress at a pace that suits you, ensuring you fully grasp each concept before moving on.
  • Continuous Support: My commitment to your Excel mastery goes beyond the scheduled sessions. I offer ongoing support to ensure you remain confident in applying your skills to tackle new challenges.

Start Your Personalized Excel Journey

Personalised Excel Training in the UK

Ready to transform how you use Excel? Contact me today to discuss your Excel challenges and goals, and let’s craft a Personalized Excel Coaching program that accelerates your path to mastery.

Visit our Contact Page to schedule your free initial consultation and take the first step towards becoming an Excel powerhouse.

At, we’re not just about teaching Excel; we’re about creating opportunities for you to excel in every task, project, and goal through Personalized Excel Coaching.

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