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Learn practical Excel skills from an Excel expert experienced on over 1,900+ projects.

Excel Training School is where you get personalised training courses to learn what you really need at the pace that suits you.

About your Excel Trainer:

Excel Training School: An Excel Trainer, personalised, bespoke and customised

Dr Peter Clayton

At Excel Training School, I am committed to transforming the way you work with Excel, turning complexity into simplicity and data into insights. Founded by a seasoned Excel consultant with a track record of over 1,900+ successful projects for more than 700 clients, my mission is to provide personalized, one-to-one Excel training that is directly tied to your real-world projects and challenges. I want you to spend more time using the outputs of Excel than “doing Excel”.

My expertise isn’t just in teaching Excel but in applying it to solve complex business problems across a variety of industries. This practical experience ensures that my training goes beyond theoretical knowledge, offering you actionable skills that can immediately be applied to enhance your work efficiency and project outcomes by using Excel Training School.

I understand that every learner is unique, with distinct needs and goals. That’s why my courses are tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring that you learn what’s most relevant and useful for your job. Whether you’re looking to master the basics, delve into advanced data analysis, or optimize your business processes, I’m here to guide you every step of the way. I will help you build your Excel files as if it were my job to do so.

Join me at Excel Training School, where your Excel education is led by a professional who doesn’t just teach Excel but lives it every day. Unlock your full potential and bring your projects to life with our expert guidance and support.

Why Choose Excel Training School

Excel Expert Training

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the unparalleled expertise of an Excel maestro who has successfully completed over 1,900+ Excel projects for more than 700 clients.

The training isn’t just about learning Excel; it’s about mastering it from someone who has faced and solved real-world challenges across various industries. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to advance your skills, our bespoke training is designed to cater precisely to your needs, ensuring you learn from the best.

One to One Excel Training

Real-World Application

Dive into learning with your actual projects as your guide. Unlike traditional training that often focuses on hypothetical scenarios, our one-to-one sessions leverage your real-life Excel projects.

This approach not only enhances your learning experience but ensures that the skills you acquire are immediately applicable and relevant to your work. By using real projects, we help you develop not just Excel skills but also problem-solving abilities that are critical for project development and management.

Qualified Excel Trainer UK

Focused Learning

Our training is meticulously tailored to suit your specific needs, eliminating unnecessary broad-spectrum learning. By concentrating on the skills you need to succeed and be efficient in your role, we ensure a more efficient learning curve.

You won’t waste time on irrelevant features; instead, you’ll focus on what’s truly important for your work. This focused approach to learning is what sets it apart, making the training highly effective and directly aligned with your goals. Experience a transformation in your Excel capabilities, ensuring you’re not just learning, but excelling.

How it works

My personalized, one-to-one Excel training is carefully crafted to ensure you receive comprehensive, expert guidance every step of the way. Here’s how the process works, tailored to accommodate the unique advantage of learning directly from an experienced Excel consultant at Excel Training School:

Step 1: Initial Consultation

  • The process kicks off with a free consultation where you’ll discuss your current Excel skills, goals, and any specific projects you’re working on. This session allows me to understand your needs fully and tailor the training to be as relevant and impactful as possible.

Step 2: Custom Training Plan

  • Based on our initial consultation, I’ll develop a personalized training plan that outlines the topics we’ll cover, structured around your projects and goals. This plan is designed to be flexible, adapting to your progress and changing needs.

Step 3: Scheduling Your Sessions

  • We’ll schedule your training sessions at times that suit you best, offering the flexibility to learn without disrupting your busy schedule. Evening and weekend sessions are available to ensure maximum convenience.

Step 4: Engaging, One-to-One Training Sessions (or one-to-few)

  • Each training session is conducted via Teams, Zoom, or Skype, with live screen sharing to provide a hands-on, interactive learning experience. You’ll work on your actual Excel projects, applying new skills in real-time, with my guidance and expertise to support you every step of the way.

Step 5: Continuous Support and Feedback

  • My commitment to your growth extends beyond our sessions. You’ll receive ongoing support and feedback on your projects, ensuring that you continue to apply your skills effectively and confidently. Feel free to reach out with any questions as you implement your new knowledge.

Step 6: Progress Review and Training Adaptation

  • Your training plan is dynamic, evolving as your skills grow and your project needs change. Regular reviews of your progress allow us to fine-tune your learning experience, ensuring that the training remains perfectly aligned with your objectives.

Learning directly from an experienced consultant who has developed over 1,900+ Excel projects ensures that your training is not just about mastering Excel; it’s about gaining practical, actionable skills that will significantly impact your work. My goal is to provide you with the knowledge, strategies, and confidence to excel in your projects and career.


We have Excel competent people within the business but far, far from Peter’s level, his knowledge and passion is exceptional in this particular subject. Peter has implemented functionality we never thought was possible.

James Carter, Sales & Marketing Director. W Crowder & Sons Ltd

“Working with Peter has been excellent and a worthwhile investment. Your patience and skillset are greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to upskill us – we have really enjoyed learning more about the system. Our lives are a lot easier now!”

Krishma Tangri, Logistics Area Manager, Aldi

“I highly recommend Peter for the excellent service provided. Thank you once again for your patience and helping us to achieve the desired result.”

Kishor Tahiliani, General Manager, Ibis Hotels

“Peter kindly agreed to run a ‘basic’ Excel course for five members of staff at St Luke’s Hospice. All five of us on the course have basic Excel knowledge and Peter pitched the training perfectly for our needs (but I think anyone with ‘good’ Excel knowledge would still benefit from a training session). Peter was so helpful and we all felt afterwards that he had given us an understanding and made us feel more confident to use Excel in the future. Thank you Peter

Helen Smith, Executive Support, St Luke’s Hospice

“Peter’s clever solution has shaved hours off our weekly workload and made a massive difference day to day for our team.”

Sam Wetherald, Account Director, Ketchum Inc

Training Courses at Excel Training School

At Excel Training School, we offer a suite of training courses designed to cater to different levels of Excel proficiency, from complete beginners to those seeking to master advanced Excel functionalities. Our courses are specifically structured to provide practical, real-world skills that can be applied directly to your projects. Below are the details of each course, tailored to meet the needs of learners at varying stages of their Excel journey.

Excel Essentials: Foundation Course

  • Overview: This course is crafted for individuals who are new to Excel or require a comprehensive refresher on the basics. It covers essential Excel functionalities, ensuring a solid foundation in managing spreadsheets, performing basic calculations, and creating simple charts and tables for effective data presentation.
  • Key Topics:
    • Navigating the Excel interface efficiently
    • Fundamental formulas and functions for basic calculations
    • Introduction to charts and graphs for data visualization
    • Organizing data with tables and applying basic data management techniques
  • Outcome: By the end of this course, you’ll be confident in your ability to perform essential Excel tasks, laying a strong foundation for further development of your Excel skills.
Beginner Excel Training Course Skills

Intermediate Excel Skills: Efficiency and Analysis

  • Overview: Aimed at individuals familiar with Excel basics and ready to take their skills to the next level, this course focuses on enhancing efficiency and analytical capabilities. Learn advanced formulas, data visualization techniques, and how to manage larger datasets effectively.
  • Key Topics:
    • Advanced formulas and functions to streamline calculations
    • Dynamic data presentation using advanced charting techniques
    • Introduction to PivotTables for summarizing and analyzing large datasets
    • Employing data validation and conditional formatting to improve data integrity and usability
  • Outcome: Participants will finish this course with the skills to efficiently manage and analyze data, creating more compelling reports and insights. This course acts as a bridge to more advanced Excel functionalities.
Intermediate Excel Training Course Skills

Advanced Excel Techniques: Data Analysis and Management

  • Overview: Designed for users who have a solid understanding of intermediate Excel features and are looking to explore the software’s advanced capabilities. This course delves into complex data analysis, sophisticated data management strategies, and integrating Excel with other data sources for comprehensive insights.
  • Key Topics:
    • In-depth data analysis tools and techniques for complex problem-solving
    • Advanced functions and formulas for multifaceted calculations
    • Techniques for managing and analyzing data from multiple sources
    • Creating advanced data visualizations and dashboards for business intelligence
  • Outcome: Upon completing this course, you’ll be capable of leveraging Excel’s advanced features for sophisticated data analysis and management, enabling you to make data-driven decisions with confidence.
Advanced Excel Training Sessions

Ad-hoc and Refresher Training Sessions

  • Ad-hoc training as and when you need it: Be trained on the file you’re working on so I develop it with you at the same time as you learn how to build it and maintain it yourself. This can be 5 minutes or multiple hours as needed.
  • Refresher training session: Rapid fire training where I race through everything that is useful to know and you stop me when you find something useful and want to delve deeper into it to learn how you can use it in your daily work.
Ad-hoc and Refresher Training Sessions in Excel spreadsheets

Each course is meticulously designed to progress your Excel skills, ensuring a personalized learning experience that focuses on the practical application of these skills in real-world scenarios. Our expert, one-to-one training approach guarantees that you receive dedicated attention, maximizing the impact of your learning journey.

Excel Skills Assessment Service for Recruitment, HR and Agencies

Discover the ideal way to ensure your next hire excels in Excel with our specialized Excel Skills Assessment Service. Tailored for both direct employers and recruitment agencies, we meticulously evaluate potential candidates’ Excel proficiency to match the specific requirements of the job role.

From basic spreadsheet tasks to complex data analysis, our expert-led assessments provide comprehensive insights into each candidate’s capabilities, streamlining your hiring process and ensuring job competency from the start.

Visit our service page to learn how we can enhance your recruitment strategy with precise Excel skills evaluation.

Contact Me at Excel Training School

Ready to transform your Excel skills or have questions about which course is right for you? I’m here to help guide you through your Excel learning journey. Whether you’re looking to get started with the basics, enhance your intermediate skills, or master advanced Excel techniques, your path to Excel expertise begins here with a very experienced Excel trainer and consultant.

For detailed inquiries, scheduling your free initial consultation, or any specific questions you might have about our one-to-one online training sessions, please visit our Contact Me page. There, you’ll find all the information you need to get in touch, including a simple form to send your message directly to me.

Don’t let Excel challenges slow you down. Reach out today, and let’s start crafting your personalized training plan, using your real projects to drive skill development and project progress simultaneously. I look forward to connecting with you and supporting your journey to becoming an Excel pro!

I also to run Excel training in Sheffield for local people and charities.

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